No Image LiveChat is an online chat software solution for customer service, online support and sales through website. LiveChat provides real-time data about website traffic, keywords and visitors browsing the website. It also allows to automatically engage people browsing the website with chat invitations and start chat sessions with them. LiveChat helps in recognizing customer needs, guiding them through order process and increasing online sales.

LIVECHAT Communicator 5.5: Secure multi-protocol corporate instant messenger. Enterprise IM solution.
LIVECHAT Communicator 5.5

LIVECHAT Communicator makes corporate instant messaging easy- Communicator is a multi protocol instant messenger- application is ICQ, MSN, Skype, Gadu-Gadu and LIVECHAT ready, allows sharing and sending files. Chats and conferences are SSL encrypted. Communicator helps in internal communication expanding all advantages of instant messaging with centralized shared chat history and IM communication monitoring.

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LiveChat 2.0

ChatRelations LiveChat helps businesses become successful. LiveChat software is a profit-boosting tool that offers instant sales help to visitors. With just the click of a button, internet shoppers can chat with web personnel and receive on-the-spot solutions in real time. Increasing online revenue, ChatRelations’ LiveChat software allows your web personnel to engage with customers on a personal basis and tend to individual needs.

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LIVECHAT Contact Center Live chat software for customer service and online sales through website.
LIVECHAT Contact Center

LIVECHAT Contact Center allows multiple conversations with customers, partners and employees at the same time. Also, more advanced users will appreciate the feature of tracking chat conversion in Google Analytics, calendar with Google Calendar and MS Outlook synchronization and departaments and rights management. Shared chat history and the fact, that every agent`s activity is later reflected in the statistics system, make LIVECHAT Contact Center

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LIVECHAT Contact Center 5.2.1: Online customer support application for live chat in real time with site agent.
LIVECHAT Contact Center 5.2.1

LIVECHAT Contact Center is a online customer support application. LIVECHAT Contact Center enables fast and intuitive contact between customer, who visits company web site, and its employee. It also allows receiving information about customers activities what ensures invaluable knowledge source in the process of sale and marketing activities. It creates absolutely new communication channel combined with classic call center. LIVECHAT Contact Center

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LIVECHAT ContactCenter 5.1.11: Software for real time online customer service on the website
LIVECHAT ContactCenter 5.1.11

LIVECHAT ContactCenter is an online customer support software. It enables real time live chat with web site visitors or other operators. ContactCenter contains a conjugated feature- multi protocol business instant messenger mode. You can keep all your business contacts in one place, chat, send files or establish conferences. ContactCenter is a solution for companies willing to improve online customer support and increase sales.

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